Brief introduction to LAMP

What is LAMP? – Linux – Linux is a Unix-like computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution. – Apache – The Apache HTTP Server has been the most popular web server on the public Internet Configuration file: httpd.conf – MySQL – MySQL’s original role as the

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Global code to prevent sql injections and xss

Add below code in config file or common file after connection to prevent sql injections and xss. This code will work up to second level array.

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Paypal Integration

Use following code for Paypal Integration with PHP: Step  1. Create form Single Payment:


  Step 2. IPN callback page

Here 3 paypal parameters URL are important : return : Where user should redirect after payment cancel_return : Where user should redirect after cancel a transaction notify_url : Payal wil

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Show sidebar on home page in Nova Lite 1.0.4 template

Update home-blog.php with following code to show sidebar on home page in Nova Lite 1.0.4 template: <div> <div> <!–<div “.novalite_template(‘sidebar’); ?>”> –> <div >

<div style=”border-bottom:solid 1px #808080″>



</h1> <p>



<section id=”sidebar”> <div>

</div> </section>

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How to edit Meta Section in the WordPress

1. Edit page: \wp-includes\default-widgets.php 2. Remove or comment following code about line no: 318

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Creating web service in PHP using nusoap library

Following code will help in creating web service in PHP using nusoap library : <?php // wsdl configuration require(‘nusoap.php’); $ns=’http://localhost/nusoap’; $server = new soap_server(); $server->configureWSDL(‘new’,$ns); $server->wsdl->schemaTargetNamespace=$ns; // eof wsdl configuration // to register method $server->register(‘new’,array(‘str’ => ‘xsd:string’),array(‘return’ => ‘xsd:string’),$ns); // to register method // php function body function test($str) { return $str; } // eof

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Domain nameserver information for enom domains

Domain nameserver information for .com, .net, .org, .biz (enom) domains Following code will work for enom registrars :

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MaxMind – minFraud Integration

Maxmind – minFraud service is useful to validate the orders. It will help to identify risky orders The minFraud service is generally used to identify fraud online orders. Read More MaxMind – minFraud Integration code:

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ATOM – Payment Gateway Integration

Step  1. Create form

<form action='<?php echo $url?>’ method=’post’> <input type=’submit’ value=’Pay Now’ name=’btn_pay’ /> </form> Step 2. Handling Response

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EBS – Payment Gateway Integration

Step  1. Create form <form method=”post” action=””> <input type=”hidden” name=”account_id” value=”123″ /> <input type=”hidden” name=”mode” value=”TEST” /> <input type=”hidden” name=”description” value=”VAT invoice number #123″ /> <input type=”hidden” name=”reference_no” value=”123″ /> <input type=”hidden” name=”name” value=”” /> <input type=”hidden” name=”address” value=”” /> <input type=”hidden” name=”city” value=”” /> <input type=”hidden” name=”state” value=”” /> <input type=”hidden” name=”country” value=”US” />

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